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Allergic Rhinitis has been called the next epidemic. With rising pollution levels, the problem of running nose and sneezing is increasing day by day. Conditions like nasal polyps and nasal obstruction are on the rise. Treatment options may include medical (non-surgical) management, as well as surgical options if all medical treatments have failed to ease your symptoms. At ENT Laser Clinic we provide the best medical and surgical management of all nose and sinus related problems.

Common ailments:
Blocked nose
Running nose
Nasal bleed
Deviated nose
Pain in nose
Excessive tears from eyes
Nasal piercing
Nasal Trauma and Fractures

Our facilities:
Management of Allergic Rhinitis
Nasal endoscopy
Laser Nasal Surgery
Turbinate surgeries
Nasal fracture correction
CSF leak repair
Polyp surgeries
Endoscopic tear duct (Lacrimal duct) surgery
Nasal septum repair
Choanal atresia repair